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Also check out our listings of Retail Credit Cards.

Consumers with poor or bad credit can re-establish themselves with easy-qualification catalog / merchandise credit accounts. Some lenders will accept negative histories, low incomes, etc., and will give you a chance to show a positive payment history.

Catalog Credit Application 1st Platinum Plus - Enjoy a credit line up to $3,500. No credit checks & no credit turndowns.* Reports to a major credit bureau. 0% Financing & no finance fees ever. (*See Terms and Conditions.)
Catalog Credit Application
Fingerhut Credit Account - No down payments, no layaway, no surprises. Affordable monthly payments. Fingerhut Credit Account offered by MetaBank.
Catalog Credit Card
Horizon Gold Card - Guaranteed approval. $500 credit limit. Always 0.0% APR. No credit check. No employment check. Reports to a major credit bureau. Fast online application.


Bair - Clothing, jewelry, and housewares.

Blue Hippo - Want a brand new computer, but your credit is less than perfect? No problem. Blue Hippo guarantees your approval, and offers easy-to-manage weekly payments.

Dell Computer - Computer financing from Dell Financial Services.

First Freedom Platinum - $7,500 - Guaranteed instant approval. No credit checks. No employment verification. No annual fee. No finance charges and you will never pay interest. Reports to a major credit bureau.

Free Credit Club - Offers a $2500 credit limit for purchases. Poor Credit, No Credit, No Problem. No employment verifications, No Credit Checks.

Newegg Preferred Account - Computers and other electronic gear.

One Call - Consumer electronics. Issued by GE Money Bank.

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Your Music - Seems to have taken over the memberships of the now-defunct BMG Music.


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