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AACER - Automated Access to Court Electronic Records - Bankruptcy data.

Ann Arbor Credit Bureau Inc. - Mostly a collection agency, with some credit reporting, apparently local to Michigan.

CL Verify Credit Solutions

DataX Ltd. - Credit bureau oriented to payday loan customers and lenders.

Giact Systems - Offers check verification to merchants.

Global Debt Registry - Also operates Debt Lookup for consumer access. This database lists accounts that have been sent to collections.

Innovis - Sometimes known as "the fourth credit bureau."

Lexis Nexis

McDonald Information Service, Inc. (MIS) - Seems to serve stock brokers and similar businesses checking on prospective customers.

PRBC - Payment Reporting Builds Credit - Allows consumers to submit information on rent, utility, and other payments which aren't normally reported to the major credit bureaus.

Teletrack - A credit bureau specializing in subprime account applications and histories. Owned by First Advantage.


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