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Re: Need Advice Quick!!!

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Posted by nancy ( on September 02, 2002 at 14:02:44:

In Reply to: Need Advice Quick!!! posted by Frustrated on September 02, 2002 at 00:30:32:

I completed the program with CCCS two years ago; It took me 7 long years. I know, many are saying i could have declared bankrupcy in that time; but that was not my goal; and i'm glad i didn't. Creditors would love for you to go off the program, then they get the full amount; but on their terms. (i didn't know that either, till i asked). You see if you pay monthly, a fixed amount, then slip back just once, your new arrangements are over. Then its back to CCCS or a program like it, and this time, its going to be harder, cause then you would lose your bargaining power with them. I slipped, many times; on the program, my representative at CCCS, dealt with it with me, explanation of course. You have to keep an open line between the two of you. I hope your meeting with them periodicly. I know its not easy but CCCS seems to have alot of clout and can pull more strings than you can. I too thought about dropping out, cause i was so frustrated with it.
I don't know your personal financial situation; but if something were to interfere with your plan, you would at least have CCCS on your side.
My husband was hospitalized for months, and i just couldn't make my payments for about 3 months, CCCS contacted all my creditors and made arrangements for me; and i wasn't punished for it. At the beginning i was not happy with my counselor, and i said so, i got a new one with more experience, which made it much easier. So think about it. These major debts are behind me now; and they were major 30,000 worth; and it feels so good. Stick with it!

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