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Posted by Sharon ( on September 02, 2002 at 15:46:33:

My question is about the final bill I received from a cellular telephone company. After many unsuccessful attempts to reason with the company, they were unwilling to adjust the bill based on my opinion that their way of increasing the monthly plan price once I exceeded the contract period has ended resulting in exhorbitant charges is very unfair.
I don't deny that I am responsible for the final bill however their methods have left me with a desire to take my time in paying it.
This brings me to my question which is: If I send them a payment of a very minimal amount every month and it is paid within 30 days of the previous payment can the company take any legal or collection action against me? If not, will I also avoid the risk of a credit reporting situation?
Any advise will be appreciated as I am sure the company has started doing this to literally thousands of individuals like myself.

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