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We sued them. . . and won! Numbers & Addresses at end

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Posted by Natalee ( on September 03, 2002 at 17:45:06:

In Reply to: Hang 'em high then! posted by Bill Bauer on April 13, 2001 at 00:26:59:

Gulf States Credit is very underhanded. We had a $210 debt from five years ago for my husband before we were married. We recieved something in the mail saying they would give us a 50% of deal if we paid. So we called them and so started the nightmare. They would only do a check over the phone, so I gave her my account info (very bitchy ladies) and they said it would go through at the end of the month. Well at the end of the month the lady called back and said I gave her the wrong account number so I gave it to her again. Meanwhile we started getting phone call after phone call from them, we would tell them it was taken care of, but their records showed we still owed. The same lady called back and said I gave her the wrong account number again. So I told her since they couldn't get it right I would physically send in a check. I wrote paid in full on a piece of paper around my check (not of the actual check). We got called every other day at all hours of the day from them driving us mad for a couple months. So I called up the bitch and she said my check wasn't acceptable because I used the terminology "paid in full" so they sent my check back to me. If you send a check in and they refuse it, it is not your fault. By this point we started a phone log of when they called us, sometimes 5 times a week. The time, who we talked to and their extention number. We then proceeded to record each person who called and informed them they were in violation of the fair debts collections practices act and to "cease and dessist" any further attempt to contact us and take us off thier phone list. You must use that terminology, the lawyers are sticklers. Well since they refused to stop calling us every day to every other day, and refused our check three times, we filed small claims against them. In the Act you can get up to $1000. They tried to scare us out of suing them with some bullshit that we had to send a certified letter to Cease and desist, but luckily I did have it on a fax saying that our account was settled (not paid in full since they wouldn't accept that) and any further contact would be considered harrassment. The Act says IF you mail it it must be certified, but only IF it's mailed to them. We had fax, fax confirmation, and phone recordings. We won $344 dollars judgment. Now they say let's just ignore both debts. You don't pay $210 and we won't pay $344. Well I said I will not sign anything (they sent bunch of papers) saying they paid judgment in full if they don't give us the difference. They said they can't take it off our credit if they end up paying us the difference because the debt is still unpaid. What kind of logic is that. So they sent us the check for $134 and we thought all was good until we applied for a morgage loan. They didn't put it as satisfied or paid to the consumer credit reports, so now I'm ready to raise hell again. ANOTHER NAME THEIR COMPANY WENT UNDER FOR THE LEGAL WORK IS OSI PORTFOLIO SERVICES. THEIR ATTORNEY IS SAM SHANNON. HIS PHONE NUMBER IS 678-417-5049. hIS ADDRESS IS 2425 COMMERCE AVE STE 100, DULUTH, GA 30096. THIS ALL HAPPENED RIGHT AFTER 9-11. I AM NOT A HATEFUL PERSON BUT THE WAY THIS COMPANY SO DECEITFULLY DEALS WITH PEOPLE TRYING TO CLEAR UP A DEBT (WE WERE VERY COOPERATIVE) I WISHED THAT ALL COLLECTION AGENCY WORKERS WORKED IN THE TWIN TOWERS THAT DAY.

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