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Legal advice for reversing a judgement

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Posted by Daron ( on September 03, 2002 at 21:52:02:

I've got a judgement on my file from the state of Colorado for 1995 Taxes. The IRS filed for me, since I did not and the state calculated their amount based on the IRS' minimal deductions. I have since finished my 1995 taxes and are about to file them. The amount owed to the state of colorado should be MUCH less now, considering all my deductions. SO, with all that said, I moved to Nevada in 1997, and they got the judgement in 2000, so I obviously NEVER was served the proper court paperwork, and I never got to dispute the validity of a portion of the debt. I figure I should be able to get the judgement vacated completely, but I'm at a loss as where to begin.

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