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Linda: any thoughts?

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Posted by Rick ( on September 03, 2002 at 23:59:59:

I had a med. bill I have written about several times. It was in sol and they had a pretty good validation albeit no signed document promising to pay and it was an assigned collection. This is a bill I wanted to pay just because I felt I owed it and the Dr. really was good. I just had so many uninsured med bills I couldn't keep up with them all and hence collections all over the place. Any way in my negotiations the CA made an offer to settle, basically forgiving about 1/2 the interest. I offered the full amount with the condition that it be deleted from my credit report. I was standing there in her office with the money in my hand and she just flat refused. She was very aggressive and demanding and completely unwilling to talk or listen. Even when I showed her I had sent copies of her validation to the credit bureaus and even though they had first validated them on reinvestigation Experian and Trans Union had deleted the entry. Equifax did not but I didn't mention that. She told me I would pay her and then she would report a paid collection and I would have it back on my report. I excused myself and left telling her that I could see no reason to settle this with her. I drove straight to the Drs. office paid the full amount in exchange for a note saying the debt was paid in full. Do you think the CA will now rereport this as a paid collection? If so is it something I just have to accept or can I do something? And finally did I accomplish anything other than making myself feel better because now if the CA wants their cut they will have to ask the MD for it and explain why they refused it. The Drs. office told me it was in collection and I told them what had transpired and that I refused to have any more contact with their CA. Low and behold the Drs. office manager tells me she is in the same position with overwhelming med bills as she lost her husband to cancer 3 years prior. And she despised CAs as much as I do. Amazing, anyway I'm rambling again. I hope I here from you and thanks again for all the help.

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