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Why Chat or Linda, Validation.

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Posted by mikala ( on September 04, 2002 at 06:08:35:

I sent in one of my validation letter to Van Ru Credit Corp used from Linda's briefcase. Anyways, on one of my reports it has a charge off in 97 and on the other 98(Capitol One card) . I know that only a few payment were made on a secured card, so that would have made it as a last pymt in last last month or so in 96.For all I know this card was paid because it was a secured card for a very low amount $200.The high on this card was only $70 and now they want well over a $1000. Another thing is I know that the SOL has expired. I received the green card saying they recieved it on 8/26. They wrote a dunning letter dated 8/28 stating that "They are authorized..." to settle for 50% of the debt. It even stated that they may be able to take payment over the phone(what a joke).I thought that debt this could be legitimate but am not sure now because nothing was sent to validate.
Do you think this dunning letter is in response to my validation letter? Should I still wait out the 30 days to see if I get anymore letters?
I'm anxious to dispute with the CRA's this lack of validation. I also know that the CA is suppose to cease debt collections when asked for validation. Please help. I didn't expect to receive a letter so quickly and am not sure if this is a response. Sorry about going on and on, just anxious. You've been a great help, and have given me a greater peace of mind concerning my debts.

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