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You people are way cool

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Posted by Darth Texan ( on September 04, 2002 at 20:29:15:

Thank you very much for your input and advice Linda,Observer,Mikala,Nancy,Kelly from Navada, Darry30,and last but not least..Scott. I will scutinize all of the entries of this forum and definatly educate myself on this matter,But I have several questions more. (1)Can and does each purchasing collection agency leave thier little skid mark on the credit reports...In my case there have been three seperate entries from diferent agencies. (2)If I contact the agency that is hounding me presently,(They lost track of me until I sent for my report)will they provide all of the account info that I want to request,such as, (a)The writen SIGNED ageement with the original creditor.(b)The account history including but not limited to,the TRUE DATE the account was declared delinquint,and the original amount.(c)The history of all the agencies that held my account................This next one I can probley find but ill give it a shot.....Will contacting them be a bad move. what can be some of the negative things that can happen if I do. The only thing that gives me the urge to do so is I want precise info on this matter. I believe it to be five years since it went delinquint,and here in Texas after four years they can't sic the law on you, but I want to be sure before I send the cease and drop dead letter.That is the only reason.Id tell them that I would need the info before I could make any informed decisions. If it is considered a bad move I wont even attemt to do it. I will treasure the advice on not starting the clock again. And starting payment is out of the question...Oh one last thing.Even after the seven year period is up, can a agency that gets suckered into buying the account leave thier little skid mark,or is it prohibited by law from ever soiling my credit report again............my credit score is 566. Thanks to all of yall

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