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Re: Corporate Amex Problem

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Posted by Why Chat ( on September 04, 2002 at 20:49:05:

In Reply to: Corporate Amex Problem posted by rickster on September 04, 2002 at 20:17:50:

You first have to disabuse yourself of the idea of accomplishing anything by phone.

Any kind of communication on this matter other than CRRR is WORTHLESS.

Next you need to send a validation/dispute letter to the CA.MAKE SURE you do not sign your name, print or type it.

Next, you need to make copies of all your records of business expenses that were not reimbursed, find out the status of the "closed" company, and file a legal claim for payment on those charges to the OC.

Now you have to file a complaint, THIS you can do on-line, with the FTC and the Cal. AG's office.Your FTC complaint is on the FCRA issue only, as your situation IS covered on that.Fortunately for you, Cal. covers business use under IT'S FDCPA as well as it's FCRA.

If you pay anything on this debt, all you will accomplish is to have it marked as a "paid charge-off" on your credit report.This will have a minimal effect on improving your credit.
Once you have, IN WRITING, disputed this debt, it will be shown on your report as "in dispute" .

If you keep a good file copy of your letter to the CA, your filed complaints to the FTC & Cal. AG's office, and your filed claim against your prior employer, it will mitigate any credit report damage until you can get it deleted.

After 30 days past the date the rr green card was signed, you can then dispute (CRRR) to the cra's.with copies of all your letters, filed claims, filed complaints and copy of green card.

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