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Posted by Michele ( on September 04, 2002 at 23:14:49:


I found this email address by looking around for my boyfriend's answer
to some serious trouble he's in.
OK...here's the deal. He owes a credit card $3,300...he's got a "lawyer" calling him, but it's funny, because his name of course is Mr. Smith. Anyway,
my boyfriend got scared....I tried to tell him that's exactly what they want to do...
He's not happy about he debt he's incurred, but he just doesnt' have the money.

So, what he did was he borrowed $3100 from his mom....he faxed the "lawyer"
the deposit slip and then did a telecheck w/them.....but in the mean time, the cash stores that he owed money to, dipped into the acct. and left him w/$1100.
So, he calls them quickly...tells them the check won't clear and they gave him till the 6th to figure it out.....but before the 6th comes, they send it through anyway.
He calls them and asks them why they did that, and they(another one got on the phone)denied ever talking to him....so, I told him to put a stop payment on the check and then close the acct. and try to settle w/them. He's got the $1100 dollars and will pay them that right away, but they are just doing what they do best and bullying and making a living off of his misery that he's not proud of, and would like to try to take care of. How would he go about settling...do you have any advice?? Thank you, Michele

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