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Please Help with Old Judgment

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Posted by Danny ( on September 05, 2002 at 09:56:23:

In NY, I had a car repossessed in 1986 and the bank then sold it leaving me with a balance of $6482.00. They demanded payment then, and I ignored them because I had no money or job. In 1990 they filed a judgment against me, which I never paid. I am now getting calls from a collection agency or lawyers office (12 years later) where I currently live in NC threatening to take me to court if I do not pay $13,950.00. The collection lady said that this figure includes 9% interest for 12 years and court costs. My question is what am I legally required to pay? Has the SOL run out where I can tell the collection agency to kiss off? Can they take me to court for this now? Please help - I am getting nervous with the constant harassment from the collection agency. Thanks!

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