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Re: CAMCO and old debt

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Posted by zoe ( on September 05, 2002 at 13:47:43:

In Reply to: Re: CAMCO and old debt posted by LadynRed on June 06, 2002 at 22:42:44:

Hi.....I found this site while trying to locate ANY info on our old friends at CAMCO. I got a call yesterday, of course leaving nothing but the number and that it was VERY important. The only reason I even called back was because someone has stolen my idnetity and has been trying to open bank accounts, get credit cards, etc, all in my name and social#...all that fun stuff. I assumed this had to do with that. When i was told it was from some old debt back in 91, from some place I'd never even heard of. She said the original amount was like $1,700 but now with interest it was up to about $2,600 (I can't remember the exact amount) but that she would take a settlement for $300 or $400. I said absoultey not. I dont enen know what this is ABOUT. I was given NO info. She was very nice but said she didn't know what kind of a company it was, where it was. Nothing. After a long freak out conversation, she agreed to write it off as fraud. A friend of mine worked in collections years ago and said I need to get a letter sent stating it's been written off. I also spoke with an attorney this morning chosen at random, and they said give these poeple NO money until they PROVE it was me. They must send me a copy of the original document first. I called her back and she said she couldn't send me a letter stating that it had been written off. I asked why and she talked her way around some lame excuse. I said ok, then at least will you please send me a copy of the orignal information right away. She said she didn't have that. I asked again. She said let me see if I can find those....and then when the phone picked back up, it was some EXTREMELY hostile man. He was talking high speed ebonics and I couldn't even understand most of what he was saying. He yelled out something about this old debt and that I owe them 4 grand and I said....WHOA! FOUR GRAND? Yesterday it was FAR less than three! He yelled back....exCUSE me, but we've got a little thing called INTEREST here, in case you've never heard of it..I laughed and said..so you're telling me that in ONE day, the interest has added up to over a THOUSAND DOLLARS?! He got even more irate, alluded to the fact that i was LYING about the amount I'd been told yesterday, and said that he was trying to HELP me, and that if I interupted him one more time he was going to hang up on me. (aw, how helpful) That I need to be quiet and LISTEN. I said..ok, then speak CLEARLY AND SLOWER, because i can barely understand you. He went on about the amount and how he has NO idea why the woman would say a lower amount yesterday (my friend who worked collections ALSO said that the main point there is to charge as much as possible, because the more you suck out of someome, the bigger the bonus. So he would tack on totally fake charges that he made up off the top of his head, and then when they said that was ridiculous, he'd say..ok, well I'd be willing to settle for X amount...whcih is of COURSE what she did yesterday! What a SCAM) anyway, I said that before I went ANY further with this, I demand a copy of the original report, contract, whatever it was, sent to me because I am having a problem with stolen identity. He SCREAMED at me that no WAY would he be sending me that. They did not even HAVE it. So I said..please, are you telling me that when your comapny buys these old debts, you just get some post-it note stuck on your desk with a name and amount?! He yelled more and more and threatened again to hang up on me if I didn't be quiet and listen to him. He said that to get those records would be costly to his company and he HAD BEEN prepard to offer me the settlement, but that if i FORCED him to send me that copy, that he was coming after me for the full $4,000. I laughed again. I said...ok then, how much is it going to cost to get this stuff sent to you? He yelled. THAT'S NOT THE POINT! I said...well it certainly IS. Is it going to cost you FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS to have something MAILED to you, that you SHOULD already have in the FIRST PLACE?! I find it QUITE interesting that YESTERDAY I was quoted a TOTALLY different amount, and everyone was SO nicely talking about this settlement, but now today JUST becuse I am requesting the records.....click. He hung up! So, the answering service operator was nice at least, and I've now got his supervisor's number (or so she says...i beleive NONE of them) and I'm going to keep calling it until i get him. I work at home now. I can call AAAAAALL DAY. EVERY DAY. :) See how THEY like it. And if he doesn't ever answer like I suspect, then I'm going to start leaving him message after message, until I fill his mailbox every day, until he HAS to call me! Anyway, this SUCKS, and I'm so glad I was albe to catch the company name as it FLEW out of the operator's mouth, so that i could find out something, ANYthing, about them. Has anyone EVER gotten anywhere with these bastards?

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