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Re: Credit card payments question, please help!

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Posted by Cassidy ( on September 06, 2002 at 03:16:34:

In Reply to: Credit card payments question, please help! posted by Aam on September 06, 2002 at 02:58:29:

Whooo. Ok, if they file a chapter 13 on ya and you lose your job, then you'd better follow through with yourself a chapter 7 if possible. Believe you me a credit card company is NOT going to give a rats arse if you can't pay and why not. They hear it all even though true everyday. The only thing you can tell them or they want to hear is how you can get them the money.

If you're 100k in the hole..quiet default is not going to happen. That credit card company is going to come after you like a vulture on rotten meat, lol. They're suing people for just a few thousands of debt and that much will land you in court in a heart beat. They'll sue you and can garnish your future wages (if possible in your state), put a lien on your property, lots of ugly stuff is possible. You need to tell us what state you're from as well.

If you lose that job..file a chapter 7 and just be done with the debt. Even if you worked a settlement you'd still be paying at least half that and sometimes up to 85%.

Others will also give you more help with this. But in my opinion that may be your only out if you lose the job.

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