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Help with auto loan disaster

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Posted by Sabrina ( on September 06, 2002 at 08:02:09:

We have a business and bought 2 new trucks from the same finance co. in the business name with a large down payment on both. One with myself as a co-signer and one with a partner(family member) as a co-signer. the partner has taken his name off of the business and filed for bankruptcy. we have been paying on both trucks with late payments on both and now they want to repossess both trucks. We will gladly give them the partners truck because he has filed and doesn't care either way but we are trying to keep the truck in my name to save my credit and also the deposit money and payments we have paid in for the last year and a 1/2 on at least one of the trucks. Either way we loose money. but is there a way to keep one of the trucks?

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