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Whychat, HELP! URGENT!

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Posted by Marlina ( on September 06, 2002 at 09:11:41:

I owe my bank 1300. Long story short here, becuase it's confusing. we had 2 bank accounts. one in another state (like 24 hour drive away) and one in town, in IL. I was suppose to be getting a deposit in my long distance bank, and needed the money now. I can't withdraw the money, cause it was suppose to be there in a day or so, electronically, but needed it now. So, I wrote a check from my distant checking acccount, to my self, and deposited and withdrew it from my account in IL. worse comes to worse, and the deposit was never made (someone promised money they owed us, family member, thought we could trust them), so more or less, I bounced checks to myself, not knowing. well, after the checks were returned to my local account, my account went negative 1300, and now they want the money...however I can't pay Bank one right now, and they want payment in full. I can't pay now cause i never got the deposit. On top of this, I filed bankruptcy, shortly before hand. I need to know what to do. I have gotten many letters saying that they will either: get a collection agency, go to Cheksystems, go on my credit report and will look SO bad, or bring a civil or criminal lawsuit on me. (what would a criminal lawsuit be for, do I have to show up, etc?) It sounds like a generic letter, but I'm not sure. What am I suppose to do? I did NOT intentionally give bad checks to my self. Should I wait it out and see what they do, if it goes to a collection, they might give me payment options, or just drop it, who knows? I thought about telling them about the bankruptcy, but worried they would think I purposly did it, and I did not. the account is with Bank One, and the letters are coming from Ohio. Help! Thanks!

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