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lending credit card

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Posted by carol ( on September 06, 2002 at 10:40:48:

I had loaned my daughter three of my husband's credit cards with out his permission and she owes 25,000. they are all in the credit agency. One credit agency had called him and read his credit report to him. this is how he found about the remaining credit cards. he did not give permission to use his cards. he did have wonderful credit until now. he did tell the credit agency that he knew nothing about his stepdaughter using his cards. they said that he must pay them or have her arrested for using them. what can i do? would she go to jail for using them with out my husband's permission. i don't want us to owe 25,000 but i do not want my 23 year old daughter to go to jail. the credit card agency is always calling. My husband did tell them that he knew nothing about this.she but it does not matter. He really did not know. when you loan some one your credit card and they don't pay is my husband responsible? i told my husband that my daughter will pay. i knw that she will never pay these off, besides they want payment in FULL. They won't take payments. thanks, carol

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