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Assinine Acceptence saga...

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Posted by orangedog ( on September 06, 2002 at 18:30:29:

About a week ago assinine acceptence filed and sent me several pages of interogitories. For those who haven't seen anything about this before, they are suing me for a time barred cc debt that is past the SOL in ohio. They included what is probably the usual stuff for bottom feeders...asking me to admit to signing the account application, charge slips, wanting me to admit to owing the balance and then if I deny anything to state particulars as to why, demanding discovery of any doccuments and that kind of stuff.

Should I return the favor and do discovery on them? From their wanting me to admit to signing the credit application, something tells me that they don't have this or can't produce it. Am I wrong in guessing that?

Thanks again to Why Chat, Linda, Lucy, Scott and all of the others who have commented and offered (as always) sound advice.

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