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Posted by EuterpeThelo ( on September 06, 2002 at 22:17:08:

OK guys...I know I am new on the board and you don't know me from Eve...but I am horrified to see what people (myself included) are going through at the hands of these ruthless and not even terribly creative idiots.

I intend to fight vigorously for my rights; however, I don't think that is enough.

I think it is time for a MEDIA BLITZ. I am sending my C&D letter out asap, but what do you think of forming a "task force," starting with people here, to barrage state AGs offices, FTC, BBB, bar associations and most importantly, the NATIONAL media about this unconscionable drivel these jackasses are pulling?

I for one went thru hell for YEARS over that charged off Citibank debt, and now it has been exhumed like a skeleton from its tomb to come at me YET AGAIN. Just when I started to get back on my feet again. I have had enough.

Maybe if we draw enough attention, we can find a lawyer who wants to get famous as a consumer advocate.
These morons are hurting an already bad economy by tying up people's resources on stupid crud like this.

Who's with me?? If I get enough answers, I'll open a hotmail account to communicate--I'm just too afraid of lurking CAs to post it at the moment.



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