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Posted by kelly from nevada ( on September 06, 2002 at 23:33:44:

In Reply to: CAMCO posted by EuterpeThelo on September 06, 2002 at 22:17:08:

gotta be honest im an amateur on this forum expecially by attempting to possibly try to give advise so therefore i leave that to much more qualified people on this board than myself & i believe people come to this forum looking for facts not guesses but i think your idea is correct in thinking but actually pulling it off may be a whole different story .. it seems to me whychats approach may be best in dealing with collections where the SOL has passed & thats with threatening collectors with more serious penalties such as state laws pertaining to extortion , fraud & things of that nature INSTEAD of quoting the same old fdcpa where basically theres only a small 1000. fine for the collection company & too them thats means almost nothing .. ive thought alot about this & i think if those companies tried collecting on out of statue debts where they are in violation of much more serious crimes i believe they'd stop trying to collect on out of statue debts , i mean their the ones committing the crime & the person in debt is the victim becouse after all why have state SOL laws if their not enforced & in my opinion ALOT of these fly by night collection companies are getting away with serious crimes .. just my opinion , kelly ...................

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