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Re: CAMCO - Media attention flood ?

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Posted by EuterpeThelo ( on September 07, 2002 at 19:44:20:

In Reply to: Re: CAMCO - Media attention flood ? posted by LadynRed on September 07, 2002 at 19:07:55:

Looky what I found:


I am going to start link crawling. Why don't let's coordinate together so that we can identify the outlets we all agree would be the most appropriate. We could narrow it down to about ten or fifteen media "candidates" and then assign a few people to each one. Then we pick a start date for the e-mail campaign. As LadynRed notes, and I feel quite correctly, if we do it as an organized, concentrated effort, it will be more effective.

Let's take an informal poll: If someone would please start a separate thread, and let's make ONE thread where people sort of "stand up and be counted" as a victim, we can get a handle on how many people we are talking about, what types of problems they have experienced, and what steps they have taken so far in their respective cases (and to what result). Anyone can volunteer to go first; I think Jim with his BK might be a good starting point, since he has what is possibly the most "solid" case of any of us... :)

Comments, suggestions, feedback? I am open to everyone's ideas on this so bring it on! LnR is right, these people are below the fungus that feeds on pond scum and we have the law on our side, people, let's not forget that. How hard have you all worked for what you have, tried to do the right thing, deal fairly in good faith with others...and this is the reward you get??

Time to get p.o.'d and go for the jugular.


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