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my 2 cents ..

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Posted by kelly from nevada ( on September 07, 2002 at 23:00:24:

In Reply to: Important Supposed Validation..WhyChat (anyone) posted by Cassidy on September 07, 2002 at 20:17:41:

cassidy im no expert but in my opinion it "always" depends on the situation if you should validate ANY debt or not .. on another site it seems to me like "most" of those people validate the debt reguardless if the SOL is up or not but i dont think thats a good idea to just make a blanket decision to always validate cause i think it causes problems if your still far within SOL .. gotta be honest in my case my SOL wasnt up until late august but whychat suggested to me that i should validate it about 6 weeks before the SOL had run only becouse an attorney sent me a letter about 6 weeks before the SOL had expired & honestly that turned out to be good advise in my case becouse i never heard anymore from that attorney after doing so & now my 4 yr SOL passed last august .. i mean ive heard other people tell others ( not me & not on this forum ) once you recieve the green card back & after a 30 day period you should now send a 15 day estopple back in but i wouldnt do that becouse i mean why cause problems if its out of SOL but thats just how i see it .. im not trying to tell you what you should do becouse i dont feel qualified in doing so but in my opinion if it were me id leave it alone if your still within your SOL even now after they sent you back in that form .. again im an amateur here but just thought id maybe id give ya a different angle ... hope it works out :) bye kelly ...

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