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Need Help please

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Posted by J.D. ( on September 09, 2002 at 07:08:44:

Hello, Awhile back I had a car that could no longer pay for so I had to turn it in to the company. Thats was back in 2000. I was contacted by a collection agency in 2001 of August and that was the last I heard about it. My question is Should I try to find these people to arrange payments? The letter sent me a offer top remove 35% of the debt and arrange payments that I was able to make. The debt was 10,000. I am now in a postion to pay I dont want BK and I dont want this to effect my new marriage. I have a good job and am not worried about the payments now. WHat would be a good place to start? SHould I lay try to lay low and forget it about it and just hope it doesnt hurt me in the future? It is not being reported on my report. Just as the charge off and thats it. My home state is RI and I gave the car back in Oct 2000.

Thanks for any help

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