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Re: More on my lawsuit.....

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Posted by zoe ( on September 09, 2002 at 16:57:19:

In Reply to: More on my lawsuit..... posted by marianco on September 09, 2002 at 16:06:06:

A friend of mine used to work collectins and has been telling me some very bad and evil stories of things they used to do to get people to pay. One thing his boss would do is once a week go through the office and say...ok, give me the numbers of your toughest peole to deal with....then she would go in her office and close the door, and call them one by one. She had an alter ego (he also told me that they NEVER use their real names in collections)that would click on so thoroughly that he said it was kind of scary, and she would flawlessly identify herself as an attorney, with news of a lawsuit. When the people objected, she then would tell them that they sounded like a very nice person and she knows these companies take settlement offers all of the time, and why don't they call back and speak to someone about this and make them the settlement offer. And if they did, then she would not even have to pursue the court case any further....and then she would walk out of her office, laugh and count down starting at 10, and by one the person would be calling. EVERY TIME. She was THAT convincing. So...the point to this is...are you sure this chick IS even an actual lawyer??!

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