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Posted by Little Timmy ( on September 09, 2002 at 22:16:16:

My situation is a lot like the one Jim stated down this page.I live in Texas and I called Sears today and they told me my last payment was made on 12/98. RMA just got my new address and sent me thier initial notice.Learning from Jim's attempt to fend it off by requesting validation, I now know that they will send more than I could imagine.like Dart Vador, they got my address from Equifax who probely got it from my inquiry from (Free Credit Report.com). So I know they know im still alive. Linda said to Jim "lay low and be a good dead beat".Is that what i should do?What is my best option here?I consider that they might sue me before the sol runs out.I would think that since my last payment was made on 12/24/98, the date of last activity would be aproximatly 01/24/99. So that would leave me with aproximatly 4 months to go before I can hide behind the sol. Are they known to "bust a move"(sue) before the sol runs out.And if so is there any way I can stall them such as keep sending for validation claiming I never recieved thier past mailing of my request for validation. Im willing to do what ever dirty trick I need to do to tie thier hands till the sol is up.Will they say "screw this guy" and try to hang me before the sol.My balance is 2800.00 ANY and ALL help will be very much needed and apreciated. Thank you for your time:)

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