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Judgment threatened on credit card

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Posted by Mary ( on September 09, 2002 at 23:33:50:

I know you've probably answered this question ten million times, but please help me!
In January, I was diagnosed with cancer and it kept me out of work for two months. Then, in April, my husband passed away and didn't have any life insurance, so I had to pay for everything.
Unfortunately, because of all of this, I'm now six months late on my Discover Card. I've tried to make arrangements with them quite a few times, but they never really seemed to want to work with me.
On the 5th, I got a letter from them (dated August 15th) stating that they had authorization to pursue further action against me, and that if I didn't call them within ten days, they were going to attempt to obtain a judgement against me for the balance, about $2,500.00. Of course, by the time I got the letter, the ten day period was long gone. I called them and explained my situation, of course they didn't care. They said that unless I could pay the entire balance by midnight that night, they would turn my account over to their attorney.
Because of my line of work, I'll get fired if I have a judgement placed against me. Even the service of a Warrant in Debt would cause strain. I contacted a credit counseling service, and they said that they could stop the judgement. Is this true?? I signed with them because I was totally desperate for some resolution. Would contacting a lawyer do any good??
I want to pay this debt off and get this over with, but I can't afford to pay the entire amount right now. I sent a letter to Discover on the 6th, via express mail and told them my circumstances and that I had employed a credit counseling service to help me out and that I'll lose my job if I get a judgement. Will this do any good?
If I lose my job, I won't have any income and the only thing I own is a car that isn't worth nearly the amount of the balance owed.
What can I do?? I live in VA, if that helps any. Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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