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Posted by Andrea ( on September 11, 2002 at 12:32:10:

I have received collections from 2 different agencies on the same bill...how do I determine who I pay? Also, I am only 31 but I have learned a lot from my mistakes...I am moving in with my parents for 6 months to get all of my debt paid off, including collections...everything. I once had perfect credit, then I got divorced. I would not suggest anyone EVER get a joint checking/savings account, joint credit cards or anything joint! If for whatever reason your relationship goes bad...so will your debts(and in some cases all the money in your checking/savings accounts will dissapear!) I like material things like the next person but if I have lived without it for this long, I can wait to buy it for cash...and hey, it may be cheaper by then too! We all have learned that credit controlls your life, it determines if you can be approved for a mortgage, a car loan, even student loans for your kids. I have learned my lesson, I am a cash only girl from now on and hopefully in 6 months, I will be on my way to a better life and a new house! Bad things happen to people sometimes, we lose jobs, expenses happen...but unfortunately no one cares in the credit/debt world. One more piece of advice, if you just call your creditors when you just get into trouble paying, MOST of them will work with you on lowering your APR or payments. They will be more likely to respond positively if you come forward first thing. Don't wait for months until you can't afford it.Use the info on the forum, I have, it has helped. There are dishonest people out there and here is one place to learn all about them. Good luck with your debts, always leave a paper trail and never be intimidated.

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