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hr333 BK BILL ..

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Posted by kelly from nevada ( on September 11, 2002 at 15:25:40:

my 2nd try at this so here we go .. according to rep tom delay's office the BK reform bill is off the burner for sure for this week & IF the vote were held today the vote would be to close to call therefore before they even TRY to hold a vote their going to give 1 last gasp effort "next week" at trying to get other house republicans turned by voting for this louzy bill by talking them into changing their positions on NOT allowing abortion protesters discharge their fines via BK .. i believe if this bill does not get voted on next week its a dead bill therefore it'll be up to the new congress IF they decide to rewrite the BK bill during their term which starts in january & for THAT to happen the poor credit card industry will have to start all over with NEW "contributions" to lobby certain new congress members that are voted in & that would be at least an 18 month process at best .. looks good for ALL consumers both rich & poor cause its a bad bill so keep our fingers crossed ! kel ..

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