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CAMCO sold acct - help please!

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Posted by CB ( on September 12, 2002 at 10:28:35:

CAMCO was recently trying to collect on a visa account that was closed by Household back in November 1990. They were harrassing me at work and home. Now they have transferred this account to Risk Management Alternatives out of Amherst, NY. I live in Maryland however lived in Arkansas when I took the credit card. I know that the SOL is well expired on this debt. I received a collection letter from the new company yesterday demanding $1,381.44. CAMCO was trying to collect $2,500 (what a scam!) Now this new company is asking for the money or a letter of dispute from me within 30 days. Should I ignore their request, or respond with a SOL letter by RRR? I never responded to CAMCO in writing, just by phone in shouting matches. I guess they finally gave up. I really don't know what to do. Respond or not? This account is not showing on my credit report through any of the 3 credit repositories. Actually I have A-1 credit, just bought a house last year. Please help me because I want to stop the harrassing calls that might start up from this new company. I'm pretty sure its just a matter of time. Thanks!

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