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Re: CoSignor in NY

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Posted by Why Chat ( on September 12, 2002 at 21:45:40:

In Reply to: CoSignor in NY posted by Lee on September 12, 2002 at 12:20:26:

You say that you "apparently" co-signed? Don't you know?
If it is showing up on your credit report, then if a judgment had been filed against you, it would also be on your credit report.

Who is reporting it? a collection agency?

I would guess that the car was repossessed, and some scam collection agency picked up your name from some filing and has reported it on your account without any valid authority to do so.

Send a dispute in to the credit reporting agency or agencies,I have a good letter for this on my website, "fraudulent entries".If they do not remove it, they are required to give you the name and address of whomever is reporting it. At that point you send them a very strongly worded dispute, cease and desist, validation request.

On a co-signed auto loan, unless their was a COMPLETELY legal repossession,there is no claim for a deficiency against you or your "friend".

There have been a lot of the bottom feeder ca's lately who have scavanged records for names like yours to try to illegally collect $$.

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