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Posted by ken s ( on September 14, 2002 at 07:17:53:

I went bankrupt in 1998.I have been doing ok but i just did a recent credit check of myself.
What i saw was that two of the cedit cards still reported me late with payments until last year.When they finially gave up.One card company had i had two cards with.They got the idea with the one card but not with the other.
Well anyways they sent a collection agency after me i guess.(i never heard anything from them) anyways they found out i went bankrupt.and reported on my credit what they found out.Now my question is can i get them to take off that off my credit ( the collection agency and the over due 180 days by the credit card company)

When i went bankrupt my lawyer said if they harressed me that i could sue for harressment.Is this harrassment?
Thank kenny

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