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Posted by David ( on September 14, 2002 at 16:30:35:

Are there any credit cards out there that someone can recommend that I can obtain with my credit scores ranging from 620 to 645 that will report credit limits to the bureaus?

I had a bankruptcy in the fall of 1997. Providian (scum bags) were the first to offer me an unsecured card. Limit is now at $5851 but had to pay for the increases. Otherwise, I guess I can't complain too much since I do pay it off in full so I'm not affected by the 23.99% interest (yuck!)

I also have a Get Smart Visa (another one of the scum bags cards) which has been sold to CompuCredit. This card is also paid off in full each month but with the sale to CompuCredit they lowered my credit limit from $5900 to $1700. This angered me because all of the reasons that they sighted were incorrect and I sent them a copy of the credit report showing that my credit has been perfect since my bankruptcy.

I also have three accounts with Capital One but they are not reporting my credit limits. The limits of each are around $5,000.

I would like to buy a house next year and have been rejected for a loan because of Capital One showing me as being maxxed out. I've only had balances near $500 on each of these cards so the ratio doesn't look good.

Should I get another card elsewhere or should I max each of the Capital One accounts out by cash advances and then pay them back during the next billing cycle?

Sorry for the long post...too much time on my hands today.

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