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What to do next?

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Posted by easyamusd ( on September 15, 2002 at 08:37:03:

Last year in April, I received a bill for $1500 from a CA. I called their 800 # and found out that it was from a Citibank Visa charged off in 7/92. When they asked how I was going to pay I asked if I could do small monthly payments because I couldn't afford the whole amount all at once. They told me no, so I told them to pound sound. Never heard from them again.

Last week I started getting phone calls at work from a new CA. The debt is now $3000, but they'd be willing to settle for $1500. Apparently the address they have on file for me is the one where i lived in 1992, not where I live now (which the last CA had). They keep asking me to verify my address, which i haven't done. They also keep asking to speak to my boss or to someone in payroll which I've refused to put through.

The last phone call i received (friday), we played a game of what's your address. She'd ask for mine and I'd ask for hers. Neither one of us was budging. She finally hung up, but i did find out the name of the company .... CAMCO.

After this phone call, I went ahead and called for a copy of my credit report so I can see what's on it.

What should I do next?

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