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Can bill collector call work??

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Posted by Pat ( on September 16, 2002 at 13:54:45:

I have a lease for a computer and i have a persistent bill collector, who has called my mom-in-law, has come by my home and told my minor daughter to call me at work so he can talk to me and on another occasion told her he was coming back at 3:00 to pickup the computer and now today, he called at my job, the receptionist told him i was away from my desk and if he wanted to leave a voicemail, he said no cuz i never return his calls and then asked her if i was really busy or did i not want to take his calls cuz he's a bill collector, and everytime he calls, he gets put on voicemail. I live in Calif, isn't this past the boundries of bill collecting??? I have already asked him to stop calling my friends, talking to my daughter, and calling me at work, but he does what he want. Do i have any legal action against him and his company???Or is he within his legal rights to do what he's doing??

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