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Re: Providian! HELP!

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Posted by samiam ( on September 16, 2002 at 21:52:37:

In Reply to: Re: Providian! HELP! posted by observer on September 15, 2002 at 08:49:36:

I got a letter from Providian 2 or so months ago saying they sold my account to Chase. I saw the writing on the wall and paid the account in full (then I closed it). Thanks gosh I can pay my debts in full.

Providian held my two checks from my brokerage account for over 14 days while "clearing them." They listed my payments under the "outstanding authorizations" while taking the unlawful "float." I thought someone had been using my account.. but, no, Providian has its own mysterious and chaotic accounting.

I was furious that Providian held my checks so long and when I complained two managers told me (nicely) "to leave the bank." They told me that they were "not used to their clients paying their accounts in full-- just minimum payments."

The manager told me "I had outgrown the bank."

btw, I paid $ 83.00 in interest while waiting for my checks to clear in order to close the account. clearly this is in violation of the OCC but where do you go to report.

The account is now "Closed at the consumer's request."

I don't know how "selling the accounts works," but I do hope Chase gets angry with Providian re. accounts like mine.

But, I feel sorry for those people who cannot pay their debts in full each month.

And, I have no bankruptcies or anything negative in my history.

So, they messed over a number of clients and made many a credit history worse for the "sub-prime" market.

What they did to some of you should be illegal.

Good riddance, Providian.

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