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Cap1 arbitration opt out

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Posted by noslave ( on September 18, 2002 at 12:04:15:

I owe cap1 around 3000,6 mo. since last payment,assigned to collection agency.Account has been closed for several years,payed on sporadically because of work injury ,unemployment.I am in Cal.Now I have a letter from Cap1 saying unless I fill out and return a form they sent,binding arbitration will be added to my customer agreement.I sent the collection agency a dispute and validation letter(I know now that was a mistake)and the only response I received was this arbitration letter from cap1.So my questions are:
1.Can they legally add this to a closed account by default if I ignore their letter?
2.The form asks me to fill in my name,account number and signature.Could this be used against me in court when they sue?I think the sol is getting close,if you disregard the partial payments over the years.

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