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Deficiency nightmare

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Posted by Jenna ( on September 18, 2002 at 15:50:03:

I received advice before on the same question. The collection attorney is changing his tune. At first she told me that I could settle on 1/2, $4000, to be paid in one lump sum in 30 days. Then another collection attorney at the same practice told me I could settle for $4500. paid in one lump sum in 30 days. Then I was told by this man that if I decided to make payments they could be no less than $175.00 per month and the payments get applied towards the entire balance. My ex-husband is responsible for 1/2 of the $8000.00 (+). Then today I was called by another person at this same practice and was told that my divorce decree, which states that my ex-husband is responsible for this loan, means absolutely NOTHING and if I wanted to settle it would have to be for 85% of the entire balance or payments every month for $175.00 or a wage garnishment of $50.00 per week. I told her that I cannot afford 85% and I could not afford $175.00 or $200.00 a month. I offered $100.00 per month towards my half and she said she would have to get back to me because she feels that this not acceptable. I have already received the garnishment papers in the mail from the court. These collection attorneys keep going up in price and will NOT work with me at all. They have a copy of my divorce decree, the letters I faxed over and copies of my paystubs. What can I do? I do not have any extra $ at this time to pay them let alone hire a lawyer. I'm getting screwed and I'll have to get a 2nd job if this garnishment goes through.

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