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NCO Mess (Update)

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Posted by Fenrir ( on September 19, 2002 at 17:09:54:

The "legal eagle" from NCO left another message on the answering machine today (I must thank my wife for NOT anwering the phone and talking to these characters). He said a letter was sent out earlier in the year to my home address (lie) and he would send another one out. He does have my current address and he said he sent one out to that address. He expects me to call him back so the situation "doesn't escalate" - his words, not mine. I will absolutely NOT call him back, however, I intend to have him validate this debt completely. He has the # for the Citibank acct. and he says that NCO bought the debt, however Citibank has NO record of any acct. under my SSN. Now I am just waiting for NCO's long overdue "first communication" to arrive. Will be back later.

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