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I need help with TeleCheck/Pep Boys

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Posted by Greg ( on September 23, 2002 at 21:00:22:

OK, here's the background:

Two years ago I had a transmission replaced in my car here. They required me to pay for the tranny in advance. I wrote a check from my line of credit extended to me at the bank. Little did I realize that I didn't have enough. Sure enough the check bounced the first time. I called the bank and they upped my limit to allow the purchase to go through, as the delivery of the tranny was held up. Sure enough it did, as the transmission arrived, installed, and done with. Or so I thought...

Fast forward about 2 years. About 4 months ago I tried to write a check at the vet for my dog. TeleCheck declined it. I was surprised, but used by debit card and all was well. About 3 weeks later I was at Advance Auto trying to use up my checks since they would be useless in a month beacuse of a bank merger. Once again, denied. Surprised (and embarassed) I called the 800 number Advance gave me. They referred me to call Pep Boys, as they were just going on information given to them by Pep Boys.

For the last 3 months or so I have been playing phone tag with them. Waiting for calls back, only to be find the waiting was in vain. They say I still owe them $$ for the tranny and I tell them it was paid. The funny thing is in two years I did not hear from TeleCheck or PepBoys on the matter. Pep Boys told me the matter should have gone to their check collection department. I of course tell them it wouldn't BECAUSE IT WAS PAID! They can't seem to find anything to prove it wasn't paid. Their records "don't go back that far." Of course it doesn't help my bank does not have any record of it since they were bought out. I have been very cooperative, giving them only the information I feel is necessary to resolve this, but I am rapidly running out of patience and getting ready to turn to legal action.

Now my question here is what exactly is TeleCheck? Do they fall under the definition of a CRA since they are a reporting agency? And what options do I have with Pep Boys? I am making one more call to them and that is to informally request they remove the notation with TeleCheck before I do it formally via certified mail.

Thanks for the help! I tried to be as thorough as possible, but if you need more info, just ask.

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