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CA-may be mine?

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Posted by Fafner ( on September 24, 2002 at 12:16:39:

In regard's to WhyChat's advise, I have made the fraud reports to the CRA's, requested a copy of my police report and started the fraudulent entry letters.
On the equifax report, the questionable debt now appears with a date of last activity from 9-01. Hubby was in hospital at this time, but I only received one bill, which was taken care of completely by insurance as far as I know. I now have the name, phone and address of CA.
I don't want to cry wolf about id fraud, since I'm not really sure.
So, should I call the hospital, the CA? I don't intend to give out my address as confirmation, or admit anything, but my hubby is very worried, esp since all else on his report is R1 or I1 and he does not want to go through the credit problems I have.
Any further advice is greatly appreciated.

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