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Re: Toyota "Lemon"

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Posted by Darth Vador ( on September 29, 2002 at 03:04:57:

In Reply to: Toyota "Lemon" posted by Jo on September 28, 2002 at 20:12:51:

AH HA Finaly a area where im an expert.I am a tech with "Master Automotive Technicion"credidentials from ASE. Engine sludge does not come from no where.It is not a Toyota thing.It came from the oil never being changed.Even if you bought the car second hand and the oil looked clean it doesnt mean that the car wasnt neglected in the past.The dealer changed the oil to make it look like it was a cared for car.This I see every day.If you bought the car new...I guess your paying the price for not changing the oil. I assume that it is only sludge and not a combination of sludge and coolant.WELL the damage is done.Your engine died a slow horrible death.Many months ago the sludge started to clog your oil pickup screen on you oil pick up tube that is connected to your oil pump. Your engine was not been getting the proper lubrication on the top end as it should have.Finnaly after a while,the constant metal on metal contact without lubrication basicaly fried the poor thing. $4,000 is a lot for a engine replacment. In Japan, cars are allowed a very short life on the road. The emmision laws are so strict that the cars in use on the roads must be kept in tip top running shape.But even then they must be junked long before their life is over. The engines are shiped over here and the are called "japanees Pull Outs". In my shop we prefer to install jap pull outs because we know that they are good engines.When you get one at a wrecking yard it might have come from a abused car.For a typical 80s or 90s car the cost for the engine from my supplier might be apx.$800.00 with a shop mark up of $200.00 Tack on another $700.00 for labor and the bill will come to apx $1700.00 excluding tax. But I dont know what year your Toyota is or what kind of engine it has. You can find a shop that installs jap pull outs but they might lie to you and stick you with a wrecking yard one. But keep in mind that not all wrecking yard engines are junk.The key on figuring out how much faith a shop will put into the engine they install, is to see what kind of warranty they will give you. ...........Please let me know what year and engine size your toyota has.Also how many miles it had, and are you the original owner.

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