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The worse kind of credit mess....

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Posted by Paul ( on September 30, 2002 at 17:50:36:

Back in college I didn't have an idea how the mistakes I have made with creditors could affect me:

I don't have any credit card debt, but what I do have are numerous unpaid balances to electric companies, phone companies, apartment complexes, rental furniture, two banks, etc etc over the last 7 years. I have recently started the slow arduous process of pulling myself out of this whole. I know it will be a long time, and probably never before I can get out of this whole. BUt as a way to start, since I don't have credit card debt, can I still get a consumer credit service's help. It's probably about $4,000.00 worth of debt of which I can probaby and realistically pay off in one year, but without a plan and all this disparate information and creditors floating around, what is the best way to get a consolidated view of all my outstanding debts and should I work with a service to help out. Can I just pay each one a minimal amount per month to get movement on the account, or should I pay one large outstanding bill every month?

Help please, I am an irresponsible jackass, not a bad person, but I have a decent paying job now and would like to clear some of these black eyes....

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