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out of control !!

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Posted by kelly from nevada ( on November 01, 2002 at 03:28:44:

ya know i posted a bit earlier before oct. was archived & i was kinda saying after reading just about day after day about how these totally OUT OF CONTROL SCAM TELEMARKETERS are going after people on past SOL accounts its very sad becouse maybe its just im reading more posts but its like it seems 2 me 2 be that its actually getting much worse than ever .. all i do know for sure is that this is WITHOUT A DOUBT the most undercovered story in american at this time & besides a few internet credit forums THERES ZERO coverage on this SCAM & i only watch news so trust me the coverage on this scam is just not there .. ive said this before & i'll say it again , me personally i have no problem if collectors persue debts legally within the said states SOL becouse thats the law & i can live with that BUT once its past SOL they've crossed the line into becoming NOTHING but a major TELEMARKETING SCAM operation & the people of this country have the rights to be protected by these crooks just as if the police protect us from crooks that break into our homes i see no difference here as i see no difference between the enron crooks & someone that were to rob me in a alley , whats the f@#&in difference , NONE !! well i wont go on & on but someone on a post earlier asked why dont we lobby our reps. to do something & yeah sounds easy but takes many & sadly lobbying takes money but that a whole nother story in itself ... well im bit%@%d out so night all , kelly ... oh yeah ps , just my damn opinion here .................

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