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Re: economy **hey linda**

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Posted by kelly from nevada ( on November 02, 2002 at 04:54:16:

In Reply to: Re: economy posted by Linda on November 02, 2002 at 02:56:06:

Linda i try but i'll tell ya , ive only been reading & learning about all these telemarketing collection scams for kind of a short time & to be honest it makes me sad as sad can be to see how many people are being ripped off by all these scam telemarketers "working" under the pretense of debt collectors , its TRUELY an epidemic in america !! besides a few internet forums theres a TOTAL NEWS BLACKOUT on this crime being committed by these fraud telemarketers on past SOL accounts .. i live with my b/f & he thinks i get way to rapped up in this but when i read all these horror stories it makes me just wanna do SOMETHING & besides just informing people of their legal rights i really dont know what else we can do so with that on i go .. i give all the regulars on this forum like you linda whychat observer scott ladynred & others whom i didnt mention only cause its late here 1:45 am & my heads not working so forgive me if i left anyone out tons of credit for reading and posting about everyday & hearing all these horror stories becouse quite honestly this nonsense affects me becouse i can feel the fright in the different peoples post on how scared they are becouse most all come here uneducated about their rights & think the collectors are gonna put them out in the streets thru no fault of there own except some life devastation like job loss or health issues that financially ruin them .. somehow some way their needs to be an effort to get congress more involved with tougher penalties against these crooks besides that nothing ole fdcpa that the collectors laugh at ... well i dunno but im going to bed .................. night all , kelly ...

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