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Re: Calvary Investments

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Posted by scott ( on November 03, 2002 at 00:16:33:

In Reply to: Calvary Investments posted by Don on November 02, 2002 at 23:51:53:

Calvary is one of the scummier CAs that I place just above camco in crapoliness. Send this letter certified so you have proof it was sent(make a copy for yourself.
Then go to each credit bureau they placed this account on and dispute it as not yours with the credit bureaus. If they fail to validate then they broke the fdcpa. If they verify they broke the fcra and if they fail to mark it under dispute they broke the fcra and fdcpa. I would also include a cease and desist all telephone communcations clause in the validation letter. I know it is very tough to have patience with these morons but if you do have to file against them at a later date you have to show that they were accorded every opportunity to correct the account and they acted maliciously and fraudulently tried to collect on this account. If they fail to respond then we will set you up with a 15 day estoppel letter. If they fail again then out goes the 48 hour notice of intent to sue. Then you file against them and have a mountain of evidence against them.

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