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Washington Mutual cc; Associates Bank;and/or who is Household Bank?

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Posted by Andrew ( on November 04, 2002 at 01:21:39:

This is a horrible situation. If anyone has any suggestions please help.
When I was in high school my mother opened a Washington Mutaul cc with my name on it. She was hoping to establish good credit in my name. Well, as told, I maxed out the card twice, and she paid off both balances in full within two payments. I then moved out to a small apartment and never used the card again. Until one day I passed a store that sold dart boards and thought it would be fun to own one. I went to use the credit card (for the third time in about a year) and the store owners ended up cutting the card. I was then "contacted" by a collection agency called American Recovery Systems who got me to settle the account with an e-check with a about $100 off the total since I was paying without hassle. Since the card hadn't been used in so long, and I had no idea what I was doing, I just paid off the balance to Associates bank. I never really discussed it with my mom, she hates being proved wrong, and she has enough stress of her own. Months later I started getting notices again from Washington Mutal (Associates Bank), I was confused so I called them and they told me that ARS was paying them off and that I should notice the bills going down dramatically each month. They did go down for a couple of months. BUT, one day I noticed them going back up! I called Assciates bank again and they told me I had nothing to worry about. I soon stopped recieving the bills from them altogether and figured it was finally closed. Not too much later I started getting notices from a new collection agency called First Select. I called them and it took weeks for them to tell me where the account had come from they kept telling me that I should know that because it is my responsibility but as far as I had been concerned, my only collection account had been closed. They also informed me that Associates Bank had sold them the account. At that time I was only 19 and didn't know things like that went on. Luckily for me, my girlfriend saves everything. She found names and phone #'s of employees for ARS. I called them and they sent me a recipet of my intial pay-off, and verified that they had done everything to procedure when letting Associates Bank know that I had paid it off. I have sent so many things by fax and mail to First Select trying to prove myself but NOTHING not even my recipet of payment is "adequate proof for their supervisors"!!!!!! After about 8 months of this game, I was told by a First Select manager that Associates Bank bought the account BACK from First Select, noting a mistake has been made!!!!! And Associates still won't talk to me!
No one will. I talked to my mother about this after First Select told me about this and she just stood there, suddenly ran out and brought back a copy of her payments to Associates Bank on both purchases made way back when! I never should have even payed the first collection agency! I'm technically owed hundreds of dollars, and I need this closed. I have filed a letter with BBB, but they keeping sending the complaint back and forth to different counties trying to pin point where Associates Bank is, first they declared it was in Iowa, then New York, now back to Iowa. I just don't know what to do! I have all paper work, people I talked to, dates, times. I need this removed but Associates won't talk to me and when I try to probe them with questions, they deny buying back the account and tell me it's in a collection agency. First Select tells me Associates DID buy it back and that Associates will probably send me a notice that the account is in their hands again.
I was denied a job until this is cleared up, apparently I am enrolled in a Household Bank collection agency, has anyone out there heard of them? If you were ever enrolled with them what kind of cc was it for? Was it a visa. I have absolutely no # for a Household Bank agency, I haven't heard of them. I'm worried that Washington Mutuals Associate bank has now sent me there!
I am sorry this is so much, I just don't know what to do, is this a hopeless battle?


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