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Re: Help...gearing up to sue Arrow Financial

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Posted by piggybank ( on November 04, 2002 at 10:41:18:

In Reply to: Re: Help...gearing up to sue Arrow Financial posted by Robert M on November 04, 2002 at 04:39:19:

Yeah, I pretty much know it will be limited in small claims court. The funny thing is that they CANNOT sue me, because they don't have ANY documentation that the account is mine (and it legitimately is NOT my collection account--honestly.) But I'm not really concerned about the money--mainly the deletion (for the second time) and proof from them that all information has been permanently deleted form their records as well as agreement that they will not sell the alleged debt to anyone else for collection. I'm mainly asking for the financial damages to be a thorn in their side and to make a very serious point with them. I know that if the case goes to court that they can be nailed on several FDCPA and FCRA violations. I have so much documentation on their extensive blunders that my attorney says that they would be 'remarkably ignorant' if they even tried to fight the suit in any way. I don't think they are ignorant--I just think they are operating above and around the law, bottom feeding, collecting what they can and hoping no one ever blows the whistle on them. I really don't want to waste the time to go to court, however I'm not going to settle with them without some form of financial compensation. I'm thinking of offering them a settlement of $2000, knowing that they won't pay that, but I won't go below $1000 or I will take them to court. These guys are BAAAAAAD news. They give bad debt collectors a bad name. They've only been doing business as Arrow for 3 years, but they've all ready got a wrap sheet a mile long with the Illinois BBB and now they've really pi**ed me off! I gave them several chances to correct their 'mistakes' by deletion (which they did once--only to reage and relist acct again). Beware of Arrow Financial!!!
Thanks for the reply.

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