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Posted by Anon ( on November 05, 2002 at 20:02:44:

need some help. I have had a horrible experience with Risk Management Alternative. In 1994 I opened a Sears credit card which I rarely used. In 1999 I went to buy a Christmas tree and was asked by the clerk if I wanted to use my Sears card and save 10%. I did and updated my address with them. Looking back, I realize I was never sent a bill so I forgot about the purchase. Entirely my fault...I accept the resposiblity. Fast forward to Sept 2002. I am purchasing a new home and my credit report is pulled. RMA comes up. I call and speak with a man who tells me I owe $389. He had my current address and my parents address but I had never received any requests for payment at either location. I asked for him to provide me with a statement as to what was purchased. He refused and was very rude. I finally got him to agree to pull the statement. I called back a few days later and he said that it would take about 6 weeks. He would call me when it came in. I wait and never get called but do receive settlement offers. I finally called Sears and they tell me it is for a purchase of $102. I realize what the purchase was and call RMA. The man at RMA stated that I had never called them in Sept. He lied and stated that today was the first they had ever heard from me! That they have sent me several requests for payment over the last year and I'm probably lining my fireplace with them. He screamed at me and would not let me speak to his supervisor. After 20 minutes of being called a deadbeat, I hung up and called his supervisor. The same man answered and said "the supervisor doesn't want to speak to you" and hung up on me. I have NEVER been treated so badly in my life and I was a complaint supervisor at an automobile insurance company! I went out today and sent him a check for a settlement amount. Is there anything I can do about this man's practices? I feel so violated.

Someone told me to cancel the check to RMA. Can I do that without getting into more trouble? If I do cancel the check...what then?

I also read the SOL in Viriginia for an open-ended (credit card) account is three years. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance.

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