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Re: collect corp

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Posted by Derek Capri ( on November 08, 2002 at 14:20:48:

In Reply to: Re: collect corp posted by Cassidy on August 27, 2002 at 06:28:10:

Those SOB's should rot in hell. I renegged on a Future Shop card when times were tough for me. So Collectcorp chased me. Well in the end GE Capital took over the account. Collectcorp R9'd my bureau. Well I paid the full amount owing, around 4k. So I went in for a loan the other day and my manager said no, saying I owe Collectcorp 4k. So I phoned GE Capital (by the way they are very helpful and nice to talk to on the phone) and they said they took over the account and never R9'd it and that it was paid in full. Back to Collectcorp. Basically the manager Tim Collins (dickwad inc.) said they would not remove it and basically hung up on me. I phoned back and reasoned a little or at least tried and he said GE would have to send a letter to them saying its paid. Since Collectcorp never owned the account when I paid it off, they should have never R9'd it. Now I talked to a few people in the banking business and I was told that even when its paid, you'll have to sue them or send a lawyer's letter to remove it or they will not. I will update in a few weeks to let you know if they clear it. Anyone want to email about thes bastards, I'd love to talk about it. dcapper1@yahoo.com


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