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CA trying to collect from 1992 - ADVICE PLEASE

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Posted by kjewell ( on November 08, 2002 at 16:52:42:

I sent a C&D letter earlier this year, April/May 02. Off hand I do not recall getting my green card back. This is a Bank of America account that they(the CA) told me was charged off in April of 1992, this is the first we've heard about it, starting this year. So i sent them the C&D and heard nothing until now...I get a letter saying:
"At this time we are wiling to settle your past due account for 50% of the full balance and accept this as settlement of the ref'd acct. The settlement amt must be made in one pymt and received by our office on or before 11/28/02."
it contiunes to say:
"upon receipt of the settlement amt and clearance of funds, the appropriate credit bureaus will be notified that this account has been settled"
I have yet to pull a credit report for this, I want to be sure I have my facts straight...If this was charged off in April of 1992, they CANNOT report this to the credit bureaus unless they forged a new date, correct? This means they have reaged the acct for their benefit and I believe this to be illegal. Should I try to validate or should I just send another C&D w/rrr and call it done. I know SOL in California is 4yrs so they can't sue me. I am going to pull a report this weekend to make sure they didn't report it illegally. If they did what do I need to do to correct this. Thank you.

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